Dr. Amy Hansen teaches several courses relevant to the group at the KU School of Engineering, including:

CE 330/331 – Fluid Mechanics

  • This course covers the fundamentals of fluid mechanics and includes the topics fluid properties, hydrostatics, applications of conservation of mass, energy and momentum equations, pipe flow, dimensional analysis and open channel flow.

CE 736 – Environmental Monitoring and Field Methods

  • A lecture-laboratory-field sampling course to familiarize students with environmental monitoring techniques and open source data availability. Dimensions of environmental monitoring will be considered for air, soil, and water measurements. The major emphasis will be on surface water monitoring techniques and their principles, utility, and limitations.

CE 756 – Wetland Hydrology and Introduction to Management

  • A study of the basic structure and functions of wetlands; the physical, chemical, and biological processes involved; and an introduction to the management of wetlands. Also a brief introduction to the legal aspects of wetlands, the Section 404 permitting processes, and mitigation requirements

CE 759 – Water Quality Modeling

  • Analytical and numerical modeling of transport and transformation processes in the aquatic environment. Mass balance principles in multi-dimensional transport phenomena including advection, turbulent diffusion, and dispersion.